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  • Mike Premo

    Ron Paul for President.

  • No. Mariana Islands commonly known as Saipan votes. They are an United States commonwealth. It is know for its clothing manufacturing. Many people go there hoping to get jobs but get forced in to prostitution and have forced abortions. Absolutely, horrendous. Watch the 20/20 Special The Shame of Saipan. Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist who went to prison for conspiracy and bribing politicians, worked to protect these sweatshops. Watch the connection between Rick Santorum and Jack Abramoff. Watch the yt video The Gang of Four starring Rick Santorum.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is a good man. He is smart, he has been succesful in everything he has worked at. He wants to reduce our debt, increase employment and truly restore America to the economic engine we were and will be again.

    My family used to vaction in St. Thomas every year. We can’t afford it now. And if Obama is re-elected, hard to see middle-income family’s, like ours, doing any better.

    Please get out and support Mitt Romney  

  •  Mitt Romney? He is Obama, don’t you get it? They both support a mandated healthcare, they both get their campaign checks from goldman sachs, they both support an aggressive foreign policy, they both have plans that will RAISE the debt….c’mon haven’t you figured it out already, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate proposing cuts and giving Americans liberty and privacy back, vote Ron Paul! The only one that can beat Obama!

  • Seth Carter

    Obama does NOT have an aggressive foreign policy, and Romney supports state’s rights on deciding on health care. Don’t try to distort the facts. And besides, if you want to compare politicians, Ron Paul wants to make marijuana and prostitution legal, just like all the other liberals in the nation.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the location for voting?

  • See you lie or don’t understand.  Paul wants to end FEDERAL involvement in the war on drugs – the state laws and enforcement still applies.  Brothels in Nevada exist in U.S. because the FEDERAL government allows it.

  • Anonymous

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein . Voting for Mitt Romney , Rick Santorum , Newt Gingrich and Barak Obama are examples of insanity . Stop the Madness . Vote for RON PAUL !!

  • Anonymous

    I like Ron Paul but how can he even be taken seriously for President when he cant even win a primary?

  • Anonymous

    In other words, you agree with his policies, but there are people who don’t vote for him, so why should you?  Answer: See FreedomNLiberty post.

  • Jim Fox

    Fact is, he has won primaries and caucuses (multiple). As Presidential Historian Doug Wead understated on national television last week, “Of course there is fraud” going on. Also, to win the Tour de France yellow jersey, you by no means need to get first in ANY of the 20+ stages of the long-term event to win the event overall. Third factor, which is not merely philosophical, Ron Paul is already winning and has the worldview win beyond the 10% tipping point required for a historical shift in political view. We don’t know the timing/readout of this win and all its implications but we have won, we are winning, and we will win, in whatever form this reads out in the days ahead, mainly through a shift in worldview to an American-centric and constitutional-centric philosophy of ever-increasing numbers of Americans. This movement has a growing core/root and a growing fruit above ground as well.

  • Anonymous

    So you commend Romney for respecting states’ rights, in theory, but do not agree with Ron Paul, who will give specific rights back to the states in the form of drug laws and many others.  This is why we are in trouble.  Romney supports a balanced budget “in theory” but has proposed a budge that will increase the deficit.  Get Real. Our Lives are at stake here.

  • Anonymous

    That depends, who are you voting for?

  • Guest

    Ah ok hahahahaha thanks for schooling me on this! ! ! ! Ill stick with my candidate. Thanks alot

  • Anonymous

    Seth, quit following and become a leader. Research yourself and quit listening to the media as that is a media talking point and could not be further from the truth.

    As far as Obama, his admin thinks that all he needs to go to war is permission from the U.N. or NATO and not Congress. He went into Libya under the guise of NATO. He is talking about Syria now. Get Real.

  • Jeremy Faulk

    Cutting someone down is not an effective way to win support. It’s people like you that drive people away from Paul more than anything else. I voted for Ron Paul in Tennessee and was told by no fewer than 15 people that they voted for Ron Paul because I was able to convince them to. Putting down someone’s intelligence (“don’t you get it”) is no way to win votes.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this straw poll is indicative of how the voting will take place in todays primary . Unfortunately , seems like the 3 super delegates were already bought by Mitt Rmoney  . Not a typo .

  • Your candidate must be winning… But, guess what. You lost! He is just another establishment candidate… Things will be the same. The country will go further to the left. Only a little bit slower than if Obama was to win. But, all the same. The republican establishment has three candidates left. And  they will all bow to their bosses. More wars. More devaluation of the dollar. Less liberty. But, you can say you won… I feel sorry for you and to all that do not seek the truth and vote for freedom.

  •  Then you’ll stick to war, torture, indefinite detention, assassination, bankster bailouts, and the destruction of our Constitution.

  • Romeny is an establishment candidate. Will say anything to get elected.. then do what they tell him to do… think befor eyou vote!

  •  Exactly Ron. AND, did your candidate tell you to buy gold and silver? Ours did. And I bought at $340 and oz gold, and $8 ounce of silver. Now it’s $1700, and $33, respectably.

  •  And our candidate told us to buy gold and silver. Did yours? I bought at $340 gold, and $8 silver. Now it’s $1700 and $33 respectively.

  •  You’re right Ron… :)

  • Time to vote on candidates that represent the people not special interests. By starting a war without consent of congress. The government is sticking it’s finger at the people that are the truthful government of this country. They bypass the House of Representatives. Which is the peoples voice in government. Please stand for our voice and not let the rulers do as they wish….

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul does not support legalizing drugs or prostitution. He is against durg use.
    All he is saying is get the FEDS out of it and give the decision to the states.
    Check out Nevada.

  • become a delegate for him that is what it takes to win the race for gop become a state delegate for your state and vote for ron paul and he win if        all of his supporters do this

  • mitt is dum ass his own family turned on him and voted for ron paul so yea not a good man so shut up

  • No because the State laws are supreme and the state and the people of it stood up to the feds. I sure wish they all would. Almost all of the federal “crimes” are unconstitutional so illegal and void from inception. The Constitution only granted the feds a limited amount of authority over very few things.  How turned around is our thinking today? We created this government To secure our rights. We have allowed it to grow into an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. 

  • All you supporters of Ron Paul must know he won’t win. He HAS NOT won any primaries or caucus. He just has hand full of delegates. His plan winning delegates did not work out for him. He is washed up in politics. Once this ride is over and his ride as Congressmen is over. He is done for good. Just like Newt is washed up in politics. Once Mittins get his butt kicked in November he is also done in politics. 

  • You obviously have never done any study on your own of Dr. Paul – even those running against him KNOW he cannot be bought, bribed, coerced…why in the world do you think they are SO afraid of him winning.. because he is the one candidate that is not bought and paid for.  He doesn’t even take contributions from companies – completely supported only by grass roots folks.  Do your own homework man – you will find that he has 30 freaking years of consistent history of always voting and standing the same – never having done any vote against his oath of office.  The others run from their record – Dr. Paul runs ON HIS RECORD.  HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN.  An hour of your own study would have shown you that – turn off the boop tube and do your own study.

  • Absolutely – Dr. Paul or NONE AT ALL.  No one gets my vote but Dr. Paul.  GOP needs to wake up… we cannot be bought either.

  • Mitt is bought and sold…owned by the same companies that paid for Obama.  You are just asking for the same.  Goldman Sachs is his largest contributor… and it was Obama’s largest contributor also.  They have the same master.  Do the research on who supports Mitt, Santorum and Gingrich.. it is quite revealing.  Oh by the way the top 4 supporters of Dr. Paul – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

  • Guess you missed the article that Mitt tried to hide where he encouraged Obama on healthcare and especially on mandating it on the Federal level like he had on the state.  He removed it from the web but fortunately you can find it in the web archives.

    “The headline today from BuzzFeed is “Mitt Romney’s Advice For ObamaCare: Look At RomneyCare,” which points to an op-ed article Mitt Romney wrote which appeared in appeared inUSA Today on 07/30/2009, where Romney himself, encouraged Barack Obama to implement the most egregious portion of Obamacare… the individual mandate.”


  • Well that is what the media wants you to think and that is what the GOP hopes … but that is not the truth.  :)

  • Anonymous

     the delegates you speak of ( the ones the mass media is reporting on) mean nothing. for example, Nevada. Clark county the potential of living people delegates for that county are 14- Even though Ron Paul did not win the State, He Took all 14 Delegates. Seriously Every other Candidate will further the agenda of their top campaign contributors which are all Big Banks. Ron Pauls’ top 5 Every Branch of the U.S. Military. *** I know its a lot of Facts. Take a Deep Breath and you-tube Ron Paul. He is Principled and Constitutionally Based, His Financial Plan is a Rip the Band aid of Wake the heck up america Call We All Need to Get Behind. obama is a Bad check, romneee is the Big banks answer to ron paul, santorum was fired from his own state for stealing 100k and in the top 10 of accepting lobbyist concessions, newt is a professional lobbyist.

    You Choose- The CLEAR CHOICE IS Ron Paul. We Deserve the right to make our own mistakes and learn from them , not to be listened to observed and have our 2 nd amendment stripped from us. Ron Paul is the only candidate who Supports Gun Rights- the other 4 options Despise the thought of us defending ourselves

  • Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012
    The choice is clear.

  • Anonymous

     Do you Call taking more than 10 million in bail out for his bail out company is Successful? I Call it Telling a Lie, the fact is that the company s that solicited Bain capitol- 67 % of them went Bankrupt within 2 years of their expert services- upon the Former Governor Leaving his stay as the Governor- his Cabinet Extinguished 270,000.00 of the States money via- Erasing every thing and every computer they used and covering their tracks- — Now why would you need to take such measures if you had nothing to hide? Mitts’ Father was a Mexican Citizen upon the Birth of Mitt, Which makes him a non- natural Born Citizen. At that time in our history Both Mother and Father were Required to Be Citizens for x amount of time prior to their Childs’ Birth for their Child to be Declared a Natural Born Citizen.

    * Please turn off your t.v. and Google Ron Paul. the us military occupies 130 countries inhabiting over 900 military bases around the World, althewhile our Federal Government Borrows $0.43 from China for Every $1.00 they Spend.

    We Are Broke and our Constitution is Being Ripped up everyday we ponder anyone But Ron Paul. He is a Veteran, o.b. Doctor, Principled man of integrity who cannot be bought by any lobbyist. He proposes Cutting 1 trillion dollars from the budget the first year and increasing social security and medicare and medicade. Diverting the power Back to the States and allowing them to Govern them Selves- As Ordained in the U.S.Constitution.

    Question- have you Read this document ? lately? I challenge you to Read it and Compare notes with the Current Laws- Our Bill of rights are NEARLY ALL GONE.

    Information is power- Use it or Be used by it

  •  He has had less coverage than any of the candidates, the news itself ran anti Paul campaigns by declaring him unelectable prior to ANY caucus Primary and they ran that message for months. Besides how does winning a primary determine if you’re a good president?.

  •  If laying off America and liquidating its assets will restore our economy then Romney is the guy for the job.

  • It is sad that people truly do not know there candidates policies or voting records all they know is what the media tells them. but with this VIGOP e-Straw Poll “Who is your current choice for the Republican Party’s Presidential nominee” Total Voters: 2,513 at least 2,092 of those Voters do know. Ron Paul for President.

  • toxinalx

    We are many who agree with you on this. Unfortunately, not all of Ron Pauls supporters act much like the presidential candidate they would eagerly vote for.

  • toxinalx

    They where really pretty distant relatives, but even so.

  • toxinalx

    The delegates have not been counted yet.
    He is most probably close to Romney in delegates.

  • phenry

    “All you supporters of Ron Paul must know he won’t win.”
    I know that people hate this country enough that they deny the only person, who can fix this country, the chance to fix it. That is what I know.

  • rob bob

    The great extent that corporate owned media goes to bash, discredit, ridicule, and outright ignore Ron Paul is proof that he is dangerous. He is dangerous to their current agenda of stealing what is left of the wealth, from the complacent, sheeple who are currently still unwilling to awake from their floride and hypnotic spoon-fed spell and still clutching to the comfort of their deeply entrenched indoctrinated view that we can trust them to do what is in the best interests of the American people. Once you start your journey looking for the truth by looking down the proverbial rabbit hole I suggest strapping on a seat belt and a helmut its along wild ride we are all destine 

  • rob bob

    I must really ask how someone like Mitt with his six, repeat six houses, and history of being part of the crony-capitalistic private sector and there for backed and endorsed by TV’s Corporate-manipulated “news”,his shadey non-conservative and inconsistant values, as well as his inability and lack of moral and ethical fortidatute to inform the public of the truth and uphold his sworn oath of office (to protect the constitution of the UNITED STATES) could ever excite the few brain cells needed to inspire you to have the motivation to spend the energy it took to leave a comment and endorsment for him. I feel that clearly undermines the credibility and value of your choice for candidate and brings into question your status trying to look and act like just another average middle-class American.  If you are being paid or receive any benifit for making above comment I pray for your soul ! *spreading disinformation for money and protecting the crimminals destroying our standard of living and way of life is treasonous 

  • Dianna Suarez

    Go to Americans Elect, an online alternative, and support Dr. Paul.  He will be on the national ballot with them if he gets 1,000 supporters from each of 10 states.  We can make it happen.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Mitt Romney will never be president. No matter how much his friends at Goldman Sachs delute the dollar for his campaign. Ron Paul has already won. It will be Obama or Ron Paul never Romney. Go to http://ronpaulflix.com/ and hear the truth for yourself, not processed through the bought media propaganda machine. listen to this http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/03/josh-tolley-ron-paul-is-going-to-win-mar-12-2012/ 

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