VI GOP 2012 Caucus Results After Ballot Verification of Challenged Ballots (Unofficial)



The first six highest vote recipients are delegates. All are elected at large for the U.S. Virgin Islands

Territory Wide Vote Totals:


April Newland                                   42 (28 STX, 14 STT)  Romney

Gwendolyn Brady                            37 (34 STX, 3 STT)  Uncommitted (Pledged to Romney after the vote totals)

Warren Bruce Cole                          31 (28 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted (Pledged to Romney after the vote totals)

John A. Clendenin                           32 (26 STX, 6 STT) Romney

Robert Max Schanfarber              29 (11 STX, 18 STT) Paul

Luis R. Martinez                                30 (27 STX, 3 STT) Romney


Alternate Delegates

Joshua A. Schanfarber                   21 (5 STX, 16 STT) Paul

Humberto O’Neal                            20 (19 STX, 1 STT) Uncommitted

Geoffrey Wolfe                                                18 (5 STX, 13 STT) Paul

George Blackhall                              16 (8, STX, 8 STT) Uncommitted

Dwain E. Ford                                    16 (13 STX, 3 STT) Gingrich

Tie Breaker required as Alternate Delegate #6 TBD

Vince Danet                                       15 (10 STX, 5 STT)  Santorum

Roseann Wells                                  15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Michael Wilson                                 15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Eddie Jane Simmons                       14 (1 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Kimberly Lynn Jones                      12 (11 STX, 1 STT) Uncommitted

DeWayne Bridges                            8 (3 STX, 5 STT) Santorum

James Bland                                       4 (4 STX, 0 STT) Uncommitted

Dennis Best                                        4 (1 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted

Patrick Witcher                                 4  (0 STX, 4 STT)Uncommitted

Steve Mitchum                                 4 (0 STX, 4 STT) Uncommitted

Steven Hardy                                     3 (0 STX, 3 STT) Gingrich





  • vas

    How did Ron Paul win the votes but only get one delegate?

  • GCN3030

    The delegate count for Ron Paul at the bottom must be wrong since there are 6 delegates listed as Paul supporters:

    Robert Max Schanfarber              29 (11 STX, 18 STT) Paul
    Joshua A. Schanfarber                   21 (5 STX, 16 STT) Paul
    Geoffrey Wolfe                                                18 (5 STX, 13 STT) Paul
    Roseann Wells                                  15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

    Michael Wilson                                 15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

    Eddie Jane Simmons                       14 (1 STX, 13 STT) Paul

  • bbert94

    one of the uncommited delegates was given to romney after the vote totals, so add 31 to romney and totals give romney 132 and paul with 112, so romney actually won.

  • Adrian Barona

    seems a little sketchy.

    so after the vote totals were announced, “one changed to Romney”.

    so that gives Romney 31 more votes?

  • bbert94

    these delegates represent the number of votes… so that one delegate represents 31 votes.

  • Adrian Barona

    these delegates represent the number of votes? or control the number of votes?

    384 votes weren’t REALLY cast? Virgin Islands got some confusing caucus.

  • marcus

    SO VI GOP Chairman Lies… Well say Goodbye to his Job
    Paul supporters are not voting for Romney so get over it Check Facebook for the Loyal Groups for Ron Paul 

  • Capital Free Press

    Only the top 6 were actually elected as delegates to the national convention. Those are all people who were candidates to become delegates. Only Schanfarber received enough votes to be one of the 6 delegates.

  • Capital Free Press

    What you are looking at is the names of every person who wanted to be a delegate, the number of votes they received and which candidate they supported. The votes for Romney or Paul are just a preference straw poll. The votes for the individual delegates are what really matter. Ron Paul only got 1 delegate because of the top 6 potential delegates to receive the most votes, only 1 of them supported Ron Paul.

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  • Jon P

     Worth noting, this was NOT a primary/caucus where you vote for a candidate, this was a caucus where you vote for *up to 6* delegates. So comparing a total of votes cast for delegates listed by a candidate is misleading, because there was no need to “spread” votes among those delegates, all a RONPAUL supporter had to do was vote for all six, and they’d each have at least 29.

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  • Ben B

    This doesn’t make sense. Ron Paul won the popular vote, but Romney won delegates? 

  • So did Ron Paul win or did he not the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands Primary Caucuses? | Daily Ben

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  • Gerald Martinez

    Usually the caucus straw poll is not binding however delegates do have an option to declare themselves for a candidate. This is usually done at the next convention but maybe the VI have different rules. I think that the people who are trying to be delegates for Romney should lose credibility with the party members since Ron Paul won the preference poll.

  • bbert94

    actually mitt romney won the poll, he got 132, paul got 112, according to the vi gop themselves. remember the one delegate changed to romney after the vote so that was not added to the total but it counts

  • bbert94

    sorry to tell u but paul WON’T be the nominee. He hasn’t even won a single state or territory. Sorry, but he won’t be president, but that is just dumb. Whoever the nominee is you vote for them. We are republicans, NOT libertarians.

  • Technical Analyst

    Caucus straw polls are not binding. We still have to wait and see whether or not Ron Paul really won a state or not

  • Technical Analyst

    Doesn’t matter. I’m voting for Paul even if I have to write him in. There’s no reason to vote for white Obama just because he says he’s Republican. This isn’t a horse race, we don’t get anything just for picking the winner.

  • Ben

    No we are not republicans “Labels are intellectually lazy ways that people assert they know you without knowing you.” Ron Paul supporters have made it clear that we vote on our values not on our party (which is why Ron Paul’s supporters are vastly diverse in their political affiliation) It’s not a protest vote, I am voting for the future. Ron Paul is the only candidate that won’t support The Patriot Act, NDAA, ACTA, HR437… all of these eliminate our rights. Our unalienable rights are being alienated and Ron Paul is the only one willing to stick up for us

  • Valley Forge

    What an odd argument. The post above says Paul just won the Virgin Islands.

  • Valley Forge

    No, those 31 people voted for an uncommitted delegate. They didn’t vote for Romney. If you want to play those games, than Paul will have won about 8 states after the national delegates are announced.

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  • Scott Bain

    The media & both political parties (and the tea party) have become corrupt to the degree that it boggles the mind that sane people are still buying into this whole ‘us vs them’ mentality. 

    Here’s an idea, rather than give your loyalty to a political party, perhaps you should consider being loyal to the REPUBLIC.

    …And just a little bit of information for you…

    If you actually took the time to study the writings of our Founding Fathers -the brave Americans that pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in defense of LIBERTY- and then compared this with the words, writings, AND ACTIONS of Dr. Ron Paul, you would see that he is the only candidate that measures up to the ideals of our Founders.

  • Chris

    This looks weird.  So IF Ron Paul had LESS delegates standing – each would have got MORE of the Ron Paul vote and so more likely to have been elected?  No??  So having more Ron Paul delegates to choose from actually worked against Ron Paul.  Am I misreading something here?

  • Chris Saccoccia

    What’s dumb is just voting for somebody because they brand them self a “republican”.   “democrat”  ”republican”  are almost IDENTICAL these days! they use MINOR issues like abortion/contraception/gay rights to divide the people, when all the MAJOR issues like Economy, War, Bailouts, healthcare ETC are THE SAME!

    Bush signed the Patriot act, launched wars, started the first bail outs, increased the national debt.

    Obama signed the NDAA, expanded bushes wars, continued the bail outs, increased the national debt

    Both Obama and Romney have IDENTICAL top 5 campaign contributers.  Goldman Sachs, Merryl Lynch, BOA, Morgan Stanley, CITI…

    so please, tell me how they are different?   The TRUTH is the “two party system” has been DESIGNED specifically so no matter who you vote for there will be NO CHANGE of policy or political agenda.  The whole IDEA of “left vs right” “democrat vs republican” is a dog and pony show to keep the citizens chasing their tails, trapped in a cycle of “I’ll vote for the lesser evil this time and things will be different.”

    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”

    -Carol Quigley, Council on Foreign Relations.    

    When you wake up and realize the whole “election process” is nothing but a smoke screen providing the masses with the ILLUSION of choice and the IDEA that “my vote counts” (when it absolutely does not!) You will realize just how much trouble your country is in.

  • Rich Slonaker

    Another Ron Paul write voter… it’s time to send a message to teh Republican Party!

  • Glenn Festog

    Answers like that is why I don’t vote. There is only ONE circumstance that would cause me to register and vote: when NONE OF THE ABOVE is the final choice in each category. Further it should be stipulated that, in any case that None Of The Above garners the most votes, career politicians (anyone with two terms in office) running for that office would be banned for life from from that position.
    Also if None Of The Above “wins” the ballot, rather than have another election, the Office would be filled by RANDOM drawing from voters registration. [voting politicians exempted]
    I severely doubt it could make things worse, it would probably increase voter registration.

  • steven sobieck

    hasn’t won? did you not read this page? you republicans, can’t tell you from democrats. more spending, more war, both sides. you disgust me.  

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  • Charles

    Herb Schoenberg should remove these percentages and cumulative number. They are doing nothing but confusing people. There is NO popular vote in the VI caucuses. Each voter can cast 6 votes for different delegates. The voters NEVER vote on the candidate. The top 6 delegates go to the RNC.

    These total numbers and percentages are meaningless and misleading. Paul supporters are saying they won the “popular vote”… a vote which never transpired. The numbers and percentages are a cumulation of the votes for delegates who had pledged for a given candidate… again, NOT a popular vote.

    Many people, even reporters, are being confused by these numbers. A clarification needs to be posted and the numbers removed.
    From the VI:
    Romney has 4 at large delegates and 3 party delegates for a total of seven delegates
    There is one delegate uncommited delegate
    There is one delegate that is pledge to Paul

    The VI caucus process is simple and easy to understand. These numbers are highly confusing and those calling it a “popular vote” win for Paul (including his campaign) are demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the process and results.

  • Ian Albitz

    bbert94 is a troll…ignore him

  • Anonymous

    Mabye YOU vote for whoever is the nominee like the other sheeple, but us Ron Paul supporters will not compromise on our morals and values because of whoever the mainstream media and corporate America wants to shove down our throats.

  • Charles

    To the site authors… thanks for posting the clarification. You might go one step further to make sure people clearly understand that the VI caucus DOES NOT have a popular vote… and, that the numbers and percentages in no way are intended to create such a perception.

  • Alex

    So Dr. Paul did win the so called popular vote. Each delegate had to be registered with the GOP party in the US Viging Islands. On the registration, each person that wanted to be a delegate must have declared which candidate they are pledged to vote for at the convention. If they didn’t list a candidates name the delegate is listed as uncommitted. So residents of the islands were voting for the delegates that represented who they wanted to vote for their GOP nominee. Dr. Paul got the most votes. Doesn’t that mean he won the popular vote?

  • Howard T. Lewis III

     It should be a capital crime to administer vote fraud. Dems and reps are GUILTY.

  • AJ Wysopal

    I will only vote for Dr. Ron Paul

  • bbert94

    I may be a supporter of mitt romney, but i will vote for whoever the nominee is because i want to defeat barack obama. whether it is romney, paul, gingrich or santorum i will vote for them, but some paul supporters would be dumb enough to write him in than to vote for the republican. i am sorry, but if you are truely s republican, you will support a candidate who agrees with war. men and women fight and die for this country, and republicans fight for their rights. i feel very offended that a man in the military would say such things about it. very dissapointing. and ian albitz, you are the true troll for actually giving this election to obama.

  • noah body

    Exactly Chris, (R) vs. (D) is like the Lame “Bum Fight” Movies…who wins “Bum Fight”??? …the guy with the Camera (the Elite)

    Wake up you SHEEPLE!!…dont be a BUM.
    To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result IS INSANE. People there need to make the VI GOP Chairman Pay for this…big time.

  • Brett Cates

    Ron Paul won Charles. Ron Paul won. We are the future of this party.

  • Brett Cates

    Charles has a hidden profile.

  • Anonymous

    did these Republicans fight for your freedom or rip it away from you Sir. you are childish in your efforts to attack these people on this forum and need to educate yourself on what’s going on in the world.Face the facts bud your wrong and need to come clean and fight the good fight for America.

  • Anonymous

     Not just the Republican Party but the Dems also.
    I believe Elephant and Donkey would taste pretty good to a lot of people about now.

  • Charles

    Ron Paul lost Brett. Ron Paul lost. If you are indeed the future of the Republican party, and your post demonstrates your ability to perform simple math and make logical conclusions when presented with the actual facts… the Republican party is in more trouble than I ever imagined.

  • Anonymous

    bbert94 Hi. Hope you are well. With respect, I’d like to mention that I feel you have misunderstood Dr. Paul’s message regarding war. I encourage you research this on your own. When an individual enters the military, as you know, they do solemnly swear (or affirm) to support and defend the Constitution. When we engage in war, it needs to, according to the Constitution, be declared through Congress. It’s difficult to comprehend the dichotomy they must feel. Protect the constitution, yet we engage in war unconstitutionally. Iraq is an undeclared war, for example. Congress did not vote, nor did they make a declaration of war. Dr. Paul is not one that doesn’t “agree with war” as you put it. He believes it should be declared, as our Constitution mandates.  Also, it seems you might have overlooked the fact that Dr. Paul has received more campaign donations
    from active-duty military than all of the other presidential candidates,
    including Barack Obama, combined. ALL of them combined. It seems you, like me, really care about the men and women who valiantly lay down their lives for us. Out of respect for them, you owe it to them to at least look into why they would give their HARD EARNED dollars to Dr. Paul more-so than any other candidate. I believe they are sending both you and me a message, which is what has swayed me most toward Dr. Paul. Again, I hope you are well and hope this doesn’t come off as disrespectful or terse. All the best to you.

  • Charles

    No… there was no popular vote. Paul got zero votes… Romney got zero votes. Each voter at the VI caucus can choose up to 6 delegates. The six with the most votes become delegates to the RNC. The next 6 become alternates.

    The votes are a total for those who declared for a given candidate… and, they are highly misleading but meaningless. There was NO popular vote. It is not even on the VI caucus ballot.

    Don’t focus on the votes cast and the percentages given above. They can easily lead to the wrong conclusion. It is a matter of which of the delegate candidates received the most votes. And, keep in mind that each voter can cast up to 6 votes for delegates.

  • Anonymous

    The explanation above doesn’t make sense. If they are for Romney and do not wan’t to support Paul, then they should just vote for Romney candidates. It’s not their problem if they voted for Ron Paul’s candidates as well. Romney should have had nominated more candidates for his delegates. This is just pure mockery and should be rectified immediately. Shame on Virgin Islands’ GOP. The chairman should resign.

  • Anonymous

    kill the elephant and the donkey and lets make a tasty stew?

  • Anonymous

    kill the elephant and the donkey and lets make a tasty stew?

  • JT

    Your mentality is great but only if Ron Paul is the nominee because supporters of Mitt, Rick and Newt will acquiesce to whoever the nominee is.  So you cannot question Ron Paul’s electability here based on this.  On the other hand, if one of his rivals is the nominee their electability will be more in question because Ron Paul supporters will never vote for them.  They would rather vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.

  • The Cycle 3/12/2012 « Election Reference

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  • Anonymous

    We are winning and ARE the future of the party. Ron Paul has 50% of the youth vote. Sorry, but every generation has a revolution, and your old dying ideas will go with people like you. Good riddance.

  • Selfxeroxed

    Actually no the answer is right here on this page. 
    Warren Bruce Cole                          31 (28 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted (Pledged to Romney after the vote totals)
    So that brought Mittens to 132 votes to Ron Pauls 112 the MSM actually reported this right sadly.

  • Selfxeroxed

    I want you people to read the chairman didn’t lie its right here on the page.
    Warren Bruce Cole                          31 (28 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted (Pledged to Romney after the vote totals) 
    that 31 votes brought Mittens to 132 votes to Ron Pauls 112 there is no MSM cover up going on here.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul or no one. End of story

  • Anonymous

     Mitt Romney is a Flip Flopping Democrat who Obama used his massashusets health plan to create Obamacare. LOL!

  • Kevin S.

     You can’t change the votes over to Romney after the fact.  The other voters voted him as “uncommitted” and not as “Romney”.

  • Ron Paul Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus As Corporate Controlled Media Lies Again :

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  • Mark Bert

     I know he won’t be the nominee unless something changes regarding the vote rigging that was obvious in Iowa and Maine, less obvious in other states.  One thing you people that just want to vote against Obama should think about is that Ron Paul is the only guy who has actually won against Obama in a “match-up” poll, polling not just dem/republican but everyone.  If he’s unelectable then why does he consistently rank at the top of these types of polls?  This also points out the fact that if everyone who says “I would vote for him but he can’t win” actually voted for him, he’d probably win.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO.  The MSM couldn’t even honestly report the VI.  What a joke

  • Anonymous

    He won’t be the nominee because the GOP has sacriced it’s principles for greed.  The GOP will lose the presidency again because they have made their deal with the devil.  I’m done.  Also see “Black Box Voting” or “Diebold Vote Fraud” for education on vote fraud 

  • Herb Schoenbohm

    An uncommitted delegate can choose to support any candidate as they wish at anytime after the votes are counted. They are not bound and have their own freedom of choice to support who they choose.

  • Jason Burns

    It’s Ron Paul or it’s not at all.  I will write in Dr. Ron Paul.  If you don’t nominate Paul, you will get Obama.  

  • Kathy

     I thought we were Americans?

  • bbert94

    there is no popular vote… you obviouslly do not understand how the process works there. the “uncommitted” can support someone even after the vote, thats the thing each delegate represents that “specific number” that you called the popular vote. pre change showed 6 for romney and 1 for paul. now that one of the “uncommitted” now backs romney was the number that gave romney 7, its right there in the chairmans announcement. which adds romneys total to 132 paul at 112. so there you go that how caucuses work in the virgin islands, do your research before blaming the gop.

  • Anonymous

    shhhh…’s okay!

  • garrett

    Don’t waste a vote on Mitt, it will only help Obama. Veterans for Ron Paul! This Marine shouts “end these useless wars”!!!!!!

  • Kathy88

    Santorum and Romney are NOT republicans. Gingrich is just repulsive.

  • Kathy88

    Would like to add that Paul is the only veteran running.

  • Did the Media Black Out Ron Paul’s First Win? :: Ron Paul Web

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  • Olivier Janssens

    Why did you remove the popular vote?  You guys will hang for this later ;)

  • YouthPoliticalKid

    Well, when you have a caucus, the delegates aren’t chosen until later. And in the recent headlines, Paul supporters have been assimilating other candidates at county conventions. In Nevada, we took about HALF of the Clarke County (Las Vegas area) delegates and ALL COMMITTEE SEATS UP FOR ELECTION, ALL OF THEM! The beauty contest is a distraction from the real way that this gets done. With the media putting so much hype on the straw polls and not covering Paul’s ninja delegate strategy, maybe they’re helping us in a way, hmm. The revolution continues, and although I cannot vote, I am doing my best to convince everyone that can to vote for this man. It’s not easy, but Ron Paul is a cause worth struggling for. RP’12

  • Robert Wagner

     Ah yes the party of War,such a noble Party stance.As Rick santorum said if a country doesn’t respect us they better fear us.If a country even suggests a disagreement with us we should conquer them for we are the mighty America.How dare any country not to tremble at our feet.


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  • Brian C McKinley

    Where is the popular vote??

  • SnowBerry's Sanctuary | Presstitution™

    [...] Romney.  According to the MSM, Mitt Romney won that primary without question, but according to the Virgin Islands GOP website, the vote count is as [...]

  • Charles

    There never was a “popular vote”. The votes were for delegates only. The top six become delegates to the RNC… the next six become alternates.

    The VI caucus voters did not vote for any candidates… they only voted on the delegates they wished to elect (up to six per voter. Hence, no popular vote.

  • Herb Schoenbohm

    Brian, Since the VI had a caucus, not a primary, and each voter could select up to six delegates at large, the popular vote was at best confusing to readers. Many voters, as it appears from the tally, voted for delegates who were running under the committed list for more than one national candidate. Most of the delegates selected had significant experience at past conventions so some votes were cast across the lines of the national candidates. Again, as I have tried to explain, the popular vote for any national presidential candidate was not the factor that determined how the VI delegates were allotted.

    Herb Schoenbohm, VI GOP State Chairman

  • Anonymous

    Time to break away from the Lame GOP cheaters, Ron Paul is the only choice this year that represents a change from all the pay for play candidates. He’s the incorruptible one. Wall Street hedged there bets with Romney carrying all the same policies as Obama. Republican = Democrat this year. They are the same people backed by the same money. 

  • Anonymous

    Your inability to understand simple math leads you to follow a loser like Romney. Any one who could pass 1st grade math knows you can’t spend twice what you make.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate to dare say he will balance the budget.

  • Ron Paul quietly scores first popular vote victory » IQ Vote – Political Conversation

    [...] to results released by the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands, Paul received 112 votes, or 29 percent, to [...]

  • Anonymous

    What does it mean to be a Republican?  EVERY candidate except Ron Paul is lying about their record.  They have ALL supported and voted for Liberal causes form big spending to big government.

    Tell me, WTF does the Republican Party stand for???

  • Anonymous

    Please list the vote totals as previously displayed so it will reflect that Ron Paul won the popular vote.

  • Ron Paul quietly scores first popular vote victory «

    [...] to results released by the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands, Paul received 112 votes, or 29 percent, to [...]

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  • Anonymous

    you can take away a vote percentage after it has been reported and then say that there was no vote percentage, but that isn’t going to help us figure out where that 29% came from in the first place.  

    Apparently, there was a way to figure this out that gave Dr. Paul 29% of the vote.  Now, I don’t know how you’ve wiggled out of this, but you have and it smells REALLY BAD

  • Kevin S.

     You didn’t read what i wrote then.  I clearly stated that the people who were at the caucus voted for the delegates.  Did you decide to respond to me before even reading my entire post?  Seriously. 

  • Anonymous

    you can take away a vote percentage after it has been reported and then say that there was no vote percentage, but that isn’t going to help us figure out where that 29% came from in the first place.  
    Apparently, there was a way to figure this out that gave Dr. Paul 29% of the vote.  Now, I don’t know how you’ve wiggled out of this, but you have and it smells REALLY BAD

  • Media Misleads as Ron Paul Gets His First Win in Virgin Islands – Independent Voter Network

    [...] are the results reported by the Virgin Islands GOP on their website at this page, though the results were taken down in the middle of the day Monday and replaced with a note from [...]

  • Miss B

    Here is the popular vote as copied from the Virgin Islands website before it was removed.

    Ron Paul appears to have won the popular vote in the Virgin Islands!
    I took this right off the Virgin Island GOP website:
    Percentages384 total cast112 to Paul (29%)  Won one delegate101 to Romney (26%) Won three delegates plus three RNC  member pledge.  (Pick up a uncommitted delegate after the balloting for a total of seven.)23 to Santorm (6%) No delegates18 to Gingrich (5%) No delegates130 Uncommitted (34%) Two delegates but one changed to Romney after the vote totals were announced

  • Charles

    My goodness, you people are obtuse. There was NO popular vote!!! Trying to spin  this as a “popular vote” win is just ludicrous and another notch to be added to the “Ron Paul is Wacko” totem pole.

    To make matters worse Ron Paul, his campaign staff, his supporters and some bloggers have this information wrong and are presenting this nonsense as truth. Again, there was NO “popular vote” in the VI caucus.

    If Ron Paul and his people cannot understand the very simple VI caucus voting… and keep fixating on meaningless numbers… any notions that he has a plan to fix the economy is doomed. If he cannot understand the results from the VI he cannot understand how to handle a budget.

  • Did the Media Black Out Ron Paul’s First Win?

    [...] you three guesses who won that poll (hint: it wasn’t Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum). Yes, as the Virgin Islands GOP website confirms, Ron Paul won the straw poll with 29% of the vote. Romney came in second with 26%, followed by 6% [...]

  • Anonymous

    Where is the popular vote saying Ron Paul won? I was BORN in St Thomas and SO proud of my people being the only spot thus far get it right, then you shame me with this blatant removal. You should be ashamed. I AM.

  • Charles

    The only thing at which you should feel shame is your mental acumen. There was NO “popular vote”. Nobody won the “popular vote” because there WAS no “popular vote”.

    If you can be so easily confused by a few compiled (and meaningless numbers) your candidate has no business winning anything.

    Ron Paul supporters seem to love calling everyone else stupid and cheats. This is just more evidence that they are the ones who are mentally challenged. Trying to explain the very simple and easy to understand results of the VI caucus are pointless. Its like trying to reason with a three year old… I give up.

  • Charles

    Ah, yes. A standard Ron Paul supporter response: “Agree with us or DIE!!!”.

    And you seriously wonder why Ron Paul and his supporters are considered wackos? In case you don’t know the answer… its because you ARE a bunch of wackos.

  • Anonymous

    Why are counties whited out that voted Ron Paul? He does exist, as does his supporters…no matter how hard you make he and us go away….The media may wish to be honest with the American population as well…Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands popular vote.

  • Anonymous

    Actually…that’s odd….if there was no such thing, why was it posted Paul 29% and Romeny 26%? Are you saying the VI GOP got it wrong or lied then?

  • Anonymous
  • Travis

    Ron Paul is setting himself up for Victory… even if he is NOT the republican nominee. Dr. Ron Paul supporters follow Dr. Paul, and his principles. He could switch at the last minute to 3rd party, taking a HUGE chunk of republicans with him. Not only that, but think about all the democrats that hate Obama, but will not vote for a republican… With Dr. Paul on a 3rd party ticket, there would be another option other than the lesser of two evils…

  • Travis

    Listen here, and it will explain how this can happen…

  • Charles

    Sigh… I’ll give this one more try. The VI GOP was neither wrong nor did they lie… but, the DID manage to confuse the daylights out of a lot of people.

    Those percentages were a cumulative breakdown of all votes each pledged potential delegate received. Since voters can choose up to six delegates (for any reason they wish, friend, neighbor, etc.) considering it a “popular vote” is highly erroneous.

    Those numbers and percentages had as little meaning as what color shoes the potential delegates were wearing… black shoes vs brown shoes.

    I really do understand how people were confused by those numbers and the VI GOP never should have posted them. All they managed to do was create the wrong perception and provide information that, on a cursory examination, led several bloggers (and others) to a false and completely mistaken conclusion.

    1. There was NO popular vote.
    2. Votes were cast for potential delegates ONLY.
    2. No republican candidate received ANY votes.

  • Charles

    Oh, great!! Now the Ron Paul spammers get started. :(

  • Alex Frey

    You have removed the popular vote tally!!!
    You bowed to the GOP Establishment who want Ron Paul out of the picture.
    You have kicked Democracy in the face.
    Dear GOP manipulators… we will not vote for your puppet we will write in Ron Paul and destroy your party. You cannot win without the young vote and you cannot survive with fresh blood.

  • Alex Frey

     He won Virgin Islands and Maine, Virgin Islands removed the tally and Maine didn’t count the votes of all counties. Ron Paul is a repuplican, it is the party the went through a metamorphosis not the candidate. 

  • Mitt Romney wins 34 delegates from 1,129 voters – Online Political Blog

    [...] Islands, Northern Marianas Islands and Guam? Thirty-four, with 1,129 votes cast on his behalf (70, 104, 740 and 215 votes [...]

  • Herb Schoenbohm

    None of us can vote for the president and under our Constitution *states* vote for the president. Even with our “Electoral College” system only a few big states make that decision. Small states, the so called “fly over” states seldom if ever decide the process. Only the larger states do. The U.S. Territories have contributed in every major war and conflict and have lost more of our sons and daughters on a per capita basis than any state fighting to protect the liberty of our country and for president they are not allowed to vote for, except in the primary or caucus process. We are all Americans who want to be part of this process. At least give us a chance to participate . Nearly 4 million Americans living in the U.S. Territories have every right to participate and this is our way. Do you have a problem with that?

    Herb Schoenbohm, VI GOP State Chairman

  • Alex Frey

     If there was no popular vote (Straw Poll) which isn’t true and was posted on this website, if people exclusively voted for the delegates how would the party construct the initially posted tally and how would Romney take away the delegates when people voted for Ron Paul’s delegates in majority?
    Charles you represent the most typical stereotype. Lying and attacking. You might even believe what you are saying and for the party’s sake I wish you were right but you are simply wrong because I spoke with an GOP official today who told me they removed the tally because it was a meaningless straw poll. Iowa in example was just another meaningless straw poll but you remember the fuzz about it. Ron Paul won the popular vote (straw poll) and for that matter he has bragging rights. This is why these polls are called beauty contests and this is why you are wrong on the subject.

  • Russ Nelson

    Your system is bogus and is a farce. It thumbs its nose up at all ethical and honest freedom loving people. You are a disgrace. You and your chicken sh#t political party and system reeks of corruption and cheating. May Romney and your group go down in history as the largest corrupt voter scandals of all time. Kids even know that if you have to cheat to win it is not really wining but rather outright lying cheating stealing and dishonesty. Prisons were made for your kind. Each night I hope and pray that this charade of an election process put on by the GOP is brought to light and as we know evil does not like the light. In the end you will all lose. Do not cry when you are found out and the country turns on you and all that support you.

  • Anonymous

    Lol? Libertarians aren’t republicans?

    Goldwater, Reagan, Taft, Eisenhower, Pat Buchanan, Gary Johnson (REPUBLICAN governor of NM)….aren’t *real* republicans.

    You people have trashed our once great party. Us libertarians are trying to revive this party and you obviously refuse to acknowledge and welcome new comers.

  • Mitt Romney wins 34 delegates from 1,129 voters | FavStocks

    [...] Islands, Northern Marianas Islands and Guam? Thirty-four, with 1,129 votes cast on his behalf (70, 104, 740 and 215 votes [...]

  • jennifer_wheeler

    Ha!  Well, good thing I had a pic of this page before they changed it.  This site has removed the caucus results which were:Ron Paul wins with 29%; Romney second with 26%Took a few days (a little slower than the msm) to catch up to the lying game… Must not be that many people coming to this site.

  • Jeremy Faulk

     No, a lot of us are libertarians just not Libertarians.

  • Anonymous

    What does this mean. It is UNintelligible.
    Are you out to deceive – please explain in simple terms
     Was Ron Paul supposed to get more delegates than he did? ?? ??? 

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