Billie Eilish has opened about her reluctance to speak about politics but said she believes that she encompasses a “responsibility” to talk up about the previous US presidential election last year.

Voting Day


Speaking on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon, Billie, who released another major hit single “Happier Than Ever” (see Guitar Tutorial: Happier Than Ever), explained the importance of politically engaging together with her followers, at the same time educating them about voting.

“To be honest, I just think it absolutely was my responsibility,” the ‘Bad Guy’ singer told the host Jimmy Fallon. Billie continued: “I was somebody who accustomed just completely shut up – I don’t want to speak about it, I don’t want to listen to about it… I don’t want to handle it, I don’t want to give some thought to it.”

However, the 19-year-old pop star added that she had an epiphany that made her realize that she should be using her platform to teach and influence others.


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“Having the platform that I’ve got now, I don’t want to waste that,” Billie explained. Speaking on the present political climate in America, Billie didn’t sugarcoat her thoughts when it came to the controversial US President Donald Trump.

“You don’t need me to inform you that our country could be a mess.”

It comes because the singer recently launched a voting initiative to encourage her fanbase to urge involved in voting within the November election.

But the maximum amount as I don’t want to be involved during this fucking shit, as in politics and as during this election, I feel it’s incredibly important that we all involve ourselves. whether or not we’d rather stab ourselves within the face than discuss it, we want to speak about it.”