When talking about political systems, it is actually quite hard to figure out the most common types being used in the world. At the end of the day, majority of the political systems either share the same roots or quite similar. Same is true with fat burners; you’ll see many of them like https://www.weightworld.uk/natural-fat-burners.html but they do the same thing – help you lose weight.

Political Systems and How they Differ from Each?

The moment that you started studying political science, it can be extremely helpful in understanding the common political systems different countries are using. As mentioned, there are various political systems used and that is what we will discuss as we go further.


We typically hear that US is referred as democracy. No doubt, many people are referring to United States as representative democracy. In traditional sense, democracy is a political system that enables every individual to take part of what the country is in.


Theoretically speaking, republic is a kind of political system to which the government stays mostly subject to its constituents. Some scholars are defining any kinds of political systems to which the citizens are legitimizing the government. Because of this, some people are considering US as a republic.

Without a doubt, there are also those who believe that any government format that’s not based on authoritarian or heritage governance. In some extreme cases, representative democracy may be deemed as “republic”.


When majority thinks of monarchy, we are quick to summon images of political systems that go back to the medieval times of European countries. In a monarchy political system, the ruler isn’t typically chosen by the people or representatives. Instead, a monarch is the state’s head until he/she died or abdicates. In most cases, monarch’s word is final. There might be functionaries to have decisions and manage political systems but the monarch has discretion on how they enforce law and the law itself.


Often, communist states is primarily based on ideology of communism as what taught by Lenin and/or Marx. On the other hand, some are arguing that such political systems aren’t true to its ideals. States under communist system is either determined by a group of people or a single part.