Republicans believe that the proper role of government is to create an environment where individuals may pursue their quest for happiness and tranquility, and where their persons, families, and properties are secure from the invasion of others. This is only possible when each individual’s creative energy is unleashed and the people restrict government’s role to a protector, rather than a provider. Virgin Islands Republicans believe that if voters are made aware of the alternatives, that they will opt for a new positive direction, and reject the corruption, waste, and inefficiency of the past.

We believe in a free and orderly society of men and women, subjects to the laws of a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain its members from injuring one another, and otherwise leave them at liberty to regulate their own pursuit of industry. The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands also shares the national endorsement of a competitive and free enterprise system with minimum interference by government. We believe that government should serve the people, and answer to the will of the people.

We believe that in the Virgin Islands, taxpayers are forced to pay for an ineffective and inefficient government bureaucracy. High taxes on businesses also discourage private enterprise. In essence, Virgin Islanders are overtaxed for the value of services rendered.

Our updated platform was prepared by Representatives of the St. Croix and St. Thomas/St. John Branches of the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands and approved for adoption by THE TERRITORIAL COMMITTEE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF ‘THE VIRGIN ISLANDS on November 17, 2007.

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