I. Education

We believe that the present centralized educational system has not adequately performed the functions for which it was established. A change in direction is urgently needed. Local school boards should have greater autonomy within their districts, giving parents, teachers, students, and all citizens in each district the ultimate responsibility for their schools. Parents must be able to make choices in their child’s education. We also support charter schools, magnet schools, and special schools for the disadvantaged and handicapped. Vouchers provide a unique solution in helping low-income families afford a quality education. If public schools are not maintained well, they will not provide an adequate infrastructure for learning. Privatization of maintenance is a viable alternative. Additionally, appropriate resources must be allocated to attract and retain highly motivated teachers. The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands endorses alternative and vocational education. The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands encourages an educational environment rich in multicultural and multilingual experiences. We also encourage the implementation of successful measurable programs that will enhance the quality of education.

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