IV. Energy

The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands encourages the use of alternative sources of energy from wind, solar, etc… Alternative energy education should be promoted and non-polluting industries should be developed. It is crucial that proper planning be developed that relates to the future energy needs of the Virgin Islands.

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  • It will allow us to lock in a stable price and . . . to make the transition to not only a cleaner and greener energy future, which is better for the environment, but it also allows us to develop jobs, here and now.” However, members of the House

  • MADRID — Spain's cabinet on Friday approved 20 energy-saving measures, including a lower speed limit, to reduce the country's fuel consumption in response to the spike in oil prices due to unrest in the Arab world. The measures will reduce oil imports …

  • Mumbai: India's nuclear reactors are safe, claimed former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar while defending the proposed Jaitapur nuclear plant in Maharashtra. Kakodkar made the claim during an unprecedented PowerPoint presentation …

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