XI. Law and Order

Reforms must be made in our system of criminal justice with the existing state of crisis in the Virgin Islands which denies our citizens freedom from fear. Habitual offenders must be kept off the streets and effectively separated from the society they terrorize. Law enforcement officials must reduce the incidents of domestic violence, rape, homicides and robberies, and bring a sense of security back to the community.

The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands believes in the appointment of judges who will strictly interpret the law. The criminal code should be revised to make it an effective deterrent to crime. Correctional facilities should be improved, with every effort being made to convert the energy dissipated in violence and aggression into productive employment, which in turn will allow wards of the state to repay their debt to society. New technologies should be utilized to resolve unsolved cases, and victims must be compensated by the offender for loss and injury. Prevention programs should be implemented to decrease the number of juvenile offenders.

We of the Republican Party believe that the above-mentioned problems of the criminal justice system must have first priority in governmental reform.

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