Politics is making a decision for a place or nation. Politics makes a great impact to the country’s governing body, economy, financial state, and others that somehow involves the welfare of the people. Politics is somehow it is similar to appointed governance because people choose the person to lead with good intentions. Politics can be very powerful that can be used, misused, and abused. And if a nation is lead by the wrong people, the whole nation is at risk.  

Politics also gives faith and hope to the people. Charity work is perhaps the most common activity to help and support people suffering from poverty. Good governance should be able to provide employment and create employee connection to laws applicable to them. Politics draws the nation together in an effort to promote peace and unity among the people being governed. 

Power, Politics, and Leadership

Bloody Politics

But sometimes politics can’t be taken lightly. Politics may cause you and your loved ones lives driven by power and money behind the success of a few politicians.  In recent years, the fight over power of political rivals had become bloody. It has gone to the extent of using guns and violence just for the sole purpose of defeating an opponent for a seat in the governing body of the country.

Through many generations, the people have been witnesses to many political killings, deaths related to politics. Whether it be in a monarchic or democratic nation, the use of violence to gain power had never ceased. Martial law under military rule could be a step closer to communism and power, democracy is slowly losing its grip.

Lead with Good Governance

For those who plan to enter the world of politics, be a role model to the people you govern. Lead by action and not by words. Gain the trust of the public and be careful not to break it. Trust is the foundation of peace and harmony, and of good relationships. Politics should not be about fame, power, and money. It should be service for the people lead by good governance.