Because the first time of his plan in June 2005, Donald Trump continues to be documented many times creating racially charged statements. Mexican immigrants were described by their first talk as rapists and criminals. He went more to declare that they bring crime and drugs. Around August 2005 Trump thrown Mexican American writer Jorge Ramos who questioned him on his immigration system. Trump bought him to take a seat and return to Univision, before Ramos marched from the area. Trump received lots of debate when he recommended that the federal judge who had been presiding on the Trump University fraud case might provide a tendency judgment centered on his Mexican history.

Watch the excerpt of his speech:

I used a Youtube to mp3 converter | specifically to download the video above. He thinks that a wall across Mexican and the people border may come within the wave of undocumented immigrants moving in through the southern border. Trump thinks this new immigrant wave are participate in criminal activity or people visiting stay off government subsidies.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Creating A-Wall between Mexico and Us


  1. Illegal immigration can help reduce or stop. This may examine a few of the illegal actions which are triggered by it for example drug dealing and human trafficking.
  2. The America community may feel much better.
  3. It is averaged while their annual fees take into account 10,344, the immigrant family gets $24721 of government welfare gains.


  1. It’s for creating the wall Americans who’ll keep the tax burden.
  2. The wall can go through areas which are filled with immigrants.
  3. Illegal immigration will remain a large problem.
  4. The wall may represent discrimination and racism.

Will Donald Trump’s U.S Relationships and Wall Impact Mexico?

Once we can see from the Mexican leader deleting his planned visit to the united states a growing rift has created between Mexicois Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump. Trump keeps on requiring it’ll achieve this regardless of the Mexican president flatly stating that it’ll not purchase the edge wall. Such contradictions place the Mexican leader in the home about the defensive back. Trump has suggested a 20% line taxon all Asian imports targeted at financing the building of the wall. Despite leading Mexican professionals stating the price of that suggestion could move the National buyer the responsibility, such a transfer could be devastating for that Mexican economy that has become entwined within the NAFTA agreement of 1994.

How the U.S Economy Would Hurt

It’s believed that trade-in services and products between the U.S as well as Mexico was worth $583.6 million. Closing off the edge might avoid Mexican consumers who invest millions of dollars buying within the U.S. this can also damage many Mexican cities which depend on National tourist.