Regardless if you have acquired your home through Housing Authorities, you know that you will need proper maintenance for the house for the whole family to live comfortably. Even though political rallies and government issues have risen to the point of conflict, the legal body still supports and endorses the right tradesmen to do the job by issuing certificates to qualified and highly skilled individuals to do the job.

Find a tradesman in your area with the proper skills and strategy for your work specifications. This could help you save cash, precious time and disappointment. Be suspicious of traders comes to your front door all of the sudden, seeking to get some job to be done. Don’t hire them and if they insist, call the police.

How to find a trusted tradesman in your area?

You could find a trusted tradesperson through inquiring from friends and family for personal suggestions. This is certainly the best and most secure approach to find a tradesperson. You may even find a skilled tradesman through tools on the internet. Choose a trusted network and jobs platform that allows you to search for the right person. Before hiring make sure that the person is legitimate by doing some series of interview and investigation.

VIDEO: Is your local Tradesman Recommended?

How to prevent issues with tradespeople?

Sadly home repairs and improvements don’t usually go as planned. Here are some tips to reduce issues and unwanted extra fees.

  • Provide clear instructions on what type of job you want to be done. You should properly describe with details what you need to be accomplished. Things to detail your chosen Tradesmen:
    • Materials supply
      subcontractors (are they included in the entire fee??)
      clean up and disposal
  • Accomplish a contract between you and the tradesman. Have the contract signed and notarized by legal authorities. This will offer you protection and will bind your business together to get things done.
  • Do not make payments until the job had been fully completed.
  • Check on building regulations for other specific jobs such as electrical, plumbing and others. Make sure that you are complying with the guidelines mandated by law.