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You have gotta have the heart. Miles and miles and kilometers, of heart.

Who hasn’t heard these legends, from this tune that was popular? Unfortunately, we find, those we elect to public office, forget requirements and these demands. Especially in the modern, stressful, political occasions, in which the rhetoric, has frequently been filled with vitriol and divisive, instead of positive and inspiring, we need leaders, who, are eager to proceed with their eyes – wide – open, however, also a positive, can – do way! This guide will, therefore, briefly analyze, why public officials should have HEART, using the mnemonic strategy.

  • Human; recovery; harmony; mind/ heart: Wouldn’t it be better, for both our state, in addition to taxpayers, if those we elected, concentrated on being human, and caring, and averted mean-spirited, vitriol and empty rhetoric? While the election of President Donald Trump, demonstrated, an individual can entice voters, together with negativity, whining and whining, we have to realize, it is so very important, for our leaders, to serve all of the electorates, not just, their core followers and supporters!
  • Would not you prefer someone focused on the common good and recovery, rather? When stability is hunted, it brings Americans together, that is the – best way, to make America greater! We are in need of leaders who appeal to feelings but have the essential commitment!
  • Empathy; energy; accent: Tell anybody you elect, it shouldn’t be about them, or their personal schedule, but need, they listen effectively and learn what priorities, needs, objectives, and concerns are, and proceed with the utmost compassion! When they demonstrate energy, together with an emphasis on sustainable, well-developed solutions that are workable, often it makes a big difference!
  • Attitude; focus; articulate: Watch the message, someone yells, and you’ll know if they have the necessary, positive, can – do, mindset! We deserve leaders who focus their attention on making changes for the better, instead of change – for – change – attraction!
  • Relevant; actual; reach out: Is your message and focus on value and sustainable solutions? Elected officials should keep – it – real, rather than rhetoric! Seek a consensus, and they should reach out, for the common good!
  • Timely; therapy: very similar to the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have others, do unto you, analyze the consistent treatment, public officials provide! Instead of dwelling on complaining and blaming, there has to be a commitment to well – timely action!