To the politicians there are loads of perks. When it’s excursions all around endless business opportunities the planet, book prices, or merely pizza, they understand how to make their time at the office rewarding. And while it may not be the job in the world they can have some houses.

Hillary Clinton

To unwind from the strain of the campaign course, Hillary and her husband retire for their own fortress of solitude from Chappaqua. Although safety is not quite as tight as it had been Bill’s presidency (when most of automobiles entering Old House Lane were ceased), any issues can be immediately forgotten on the 1.1-acre property. There is a heated pool, lots of yard for their in training, and space for the family. The Clintons’ coffee shop is right down the street.

Ted Cruz

With victory in the political world (as Ted Cruz’s running partner and also an influential tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly has the buying power to purchase a palace. The house sits on five acres and contains amazing sweeping views of the Potomac river. There are six bedrooms, eight baths, and also an five bedrooms. On top of that, she is only a stone’s throw away from the activity in Washington D.C., in which no doubt she will be putting in an appearance.

Donald Trump

A large personality demands a huge area, and Donald Trump has equally. His penthouse apartment takes up the top few floors of the New York towers it has the best fire pit for your backyard, along with the layout screams opulence. The flat is dripping with gold, marble, crystal chandeliers and furnishings that are ornate. There is framed images of himself, too.

The view from the top is stunning, both in and outside. In the painted ceilings, to the lavish rugs, to the hand-carved marble columns, no lack of money has gone in the Angelo Donghia layout. He may have had to purchase a new seat.

George Bush

It is not often you find a property that’s much more intelligent than your proprietor, but George W. Bush and his Texan Prairie Chapel Ranch has managed it. Utilizing geothermal heat pumps, 300-foot hot water in a constant degrees is piped through the home to both cool and heat it energy saving on conventional procedures. The home itself is constructed from local limestone and placed perfectly to capture every new breeze and each magnificent perspective. It is most likely the only facet of Bush that has been environmentally friendly.