How many political leaders do we currently have who have graduated law? You will be surprised to find out that there are actually many. Our line of presidents in the past are mostly lawyers.

While other present day lawyers are not politically inclined like krispen culbertson attorney, the political ideology among aspiring lawyers have declined in recent years.

Law students who chose to take up law are much more enthusiastic about national politics these days than compared to a number of years back, based on a survey.

“Given how divisive the election season was and how charged the political climate is now, we are not surprised by how motivated pre-law students are about running for office and making a difference firsthand, The real test will be to see if this enthusiasm persists.” says Jeff Thomas, executive director of pre-law programs at Kaplan.

Law School has become a farm for tomorrow’s leaders

The very first time there was a survey on students surrounding this matter was in THE YEAR 2009, soon after President Obama had been chosen president for his term. Within that  year, over 50% mentioned they will think about joining politics. However when they questioned after four years, the range had decreased significantly.

Political fascination amongst law students is actually not completely new. Around 35% of the present members of the Congress are legal practitioners by profession, which makes it the most typical profession amongst government representatives; around half of United States governors managed to graduate from law too.


The survey also covered whether or not they consider discourse on political opinions is suitable throughout the law school admissions procedure, along with a plurality pointed out that it must be not: less than 40% said it is preferable to stay away from talking about politics,  while less than 20% stated it absolutely was not preferable to stay away from it, almost 30% stated this will depend, and 10% explained they do not know.

Nevertheless, in an individual study in 2016, the survey discovered that admissions officers for law school do not automatically feel it’s an undesirable thought to broach relevant political concerns. However, 98 percent of those accredited law schools said it is far better to stay away from discussing political beliefs. and the rest of the 28 percent said to totally stay away from politics.

Training Leaders, Not Just Lawyers