Is Marijuana Good or Bad?

Is the use of marijuana good or bad? I know you have asked this question to yourself many times now. And you have also heard this question for years now because this is one of the most debatable topics nowadays. Many are against the use of marijuana because of its adverse effects if it’s used to much. However, the use of such is already legalized in some countries.

Before looking into opposing views regarding its legalization, let’s first take a look into its positive and negative effects to users. Marijuana has been used by many people nowadays because of its medicinal effects such as: prevention to dangerous diseases (leukemia and diabetes), relieves, stress, anxiety and depression, boost immune system, serves as an aphrodisiac, treats insomnia, and pain reliever. Because of these benefits, more and more people are beginning to use marijuana. There are many types of marijuana, such as Kratom. Marijuana 101 provides enough information about Kratom and its uses.

On the other hand, marijuana has also its negative effects, especially if used improperly. Marijuana can be addicting if abused. Some of its negative effects are: risk of stroke because it may increase heart rate, panic and hallucinations, memory problems, and strange and violent behaviors.

Americans’ View on Marijuna

Given the above negative effects of Marijuana, why do some people are still in favor of marijuana ? America is one of the countries who are pro marijuana. Over thirty years ago, only small percentage of the population in america believes that marijuana is beneficial and safe, however, in the present times more than half of the population are in to its legalization. Why is this? studies have shown that one of the major factors affecting the shift in attitude is  Americans’ decision on changing religions.

Drugs and its Implications to Increasing Number of Crimes

If you watch the news everyday or if you regularly read newspaper, you will realize that crimes are often happening. It is believed that one of the factors that drive people to make crimes such as killing, human trafficking, stealing and many others are addiction to drugs. This is when people go against the legalization of marijuana because if used improperly, users will be addicted and may lead to violent behavior since they are not in their proper minds to think clearly. In some countries, like Philippines, the primary cause of crimes is drugs that’s the government doing its best to eradicate drug users.