What is the Common Style Among Politicians

The truth about fashion is that it changes through time. Say for example, twenty years ago, most women wear loose pants and over sized t-shirts and men wear short and over sized t-shirt. But in the 21st century the women’s sense of fashion is way different. They like wearing skinny jeans, maong skirts, high-jeans, cropped top blouses with denim jacket and huge sneakers, whereas men like maong short with regular tshirt and sneakers. Some people who are more than fifty years old said that their fashion thirty years ago are slowly becoming the trends nowadays. Moroever, hairstlye also changes through time. In the present time, women like long hair but nowadays women go to hair salon to cut their hair short and undergo hair treatment and rebonding.

Men do not worry about many things unlike women. What’s important to them is their desired hairstyle and facial appearance. A lot of men only think what to clothes and shoes to wear, little did they know that their facial appearance will complete the package. For this article the topic will focus on why male politicians do not want to grow their facial hair

Why Leaders Do Not Want to Grow Beard

If you will browse through the photos of politicians, you will notice that they have a lot of common denominator when it comes to their sense of fashion, hair style and facial appearance. When it comes to outfit, they mostly wear formal clothes like coat and tie  and dresses. For hairstyle, you will see that they like clean and cut and black and dark brown hair color since they want to look smart and formal. For the facial appearance among male politicians, very few like to grow beard. In mehrbartwuchs.de the most trusted beard growing cream can be found.

Why do our Leaders preferred not to have facial hair? Here are some of the reasons: 

  1. Most of the politicians they knew from the previous administration did not have beards
  2. They like to look smart and formal by looking clean
  3. People based their votes on the physical traits