In some parts of the world, people are concerned about whatever they see on the internet such as kik usernames, gossip, facebook, who’s dating who, and other forms of entertainment. People nowadays don’t usually think about the bigger picture, what happens in the world. Today, we are living in a physical world often polarized by faith and politics. At best, we politely avoid both of these topics.

In this guide, I will have a look at the way the law of attraction affects these touchy subjects. Then I’ll suggest some tactics and strategies for “living in the world but not of it” as Jesus said.I’m assuming that you, the reader, are knowledgeable about the law of attraction.

But first, watch this debate:


In fact, politics involves a heavy dose of self-interest in addition to making endless compromises to be able to make the machine known as government function. Conflict and violent confrontation are a part of this vibrational level that politics has typically occupied. This was true across cultures throughout history.It’s not to say that the kinds of government haven’t evolved to some degree together with our consciousness.

The contemporary democracies that exist now avoid violent confrontation at least in their own structures. You do not see bloody coups and civil wars occurring in most modern democracies.

Most modern democracies still exist, however, at a vibrational level of violent confrontation and conflict.

You can see this evidenced by the continual wars being fought with these entities.

If you would like to gauge the vibrational level of a government, you need only examine the overall vibrational level of the tribe that it governs. While there are clearly great variations from the vibrational level within the people, there is an overall set point for the group. This set point describes the failure inherent in attempting to put in a modern democracy by force in a culture that’s not prepared for it.

You just need to check at the Middle East to observe this circumstance. Palestinians will continue to change to reflect the increase in consciousness levels. We’ll always have those developed individuals that are light poles for change on the way. I’m referring to those catalysts like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.. Countless other unnamed developed beings are working behind the scenes to create political evolution happen.


Taking a look at the dictionary, in the definition of faith, I see two possibilities. I’d include for our purposes any philosophy or philosophy that someone seeks to have imposed on others because they think that they’re right, and others are mistaken. You could even incorporate some kinds of politics although I keep faith and politics separated here.

With faith, the ideal is service to the tribe, but the total reality is often an attitude of self-interest and self-preservation.

Usually, but not always, the prevailing faith practiced by a given tribe is a vibrational notch up from its government but not quite far above it. As an example, you won’t have a tyrannical government co-existing nicely with a prevailing compassionate religious viewpoint.

Like politics, religion is evolving to keep pace with the slow growth of the tribal consciousness.

There are new religious organizations which have sprung up over the past 150 years which support New Thought beliefs such as the law of attraction. 1 small step for law of attraction student to take towards the topics of politics and faith is the giant measure of approval.

You have to accept that everybody is in their own stage in the spiritual journey.

Their journey isn’t your journey. Their politics and religion do not need to be your politics and faith.

Acceptance does not mean that you agree with them or they’re right. Acceptance just means that you’re not pushing against them in an angry or emotional manner.You can even learn how to appreciate the products of politics. The streets your drive on and the schools that educated you’re there because of the government. There are lots of people working hard behind the scenes to be certain that your life runs smoothly. There are soldiers and civil service workers working around the clock.

Religion has brought us a tradition of wonderful teachers, even when they’ve been mistreated and misunderstood. Their inherent messages stand as a testament to the power of reality. Religion, including atheism, can also be a ladder of spiritual progression for individuals at many different levels of spiritual development. You would not want to knock the ladder out from under someone, would you? The section heading can be taken in various ways. What I mean is watching a great deal of pre-programmed religious or political media that’s trying to sell you on believing in a specific direction. Even news articles or programs that look impartial are appealing to your built-in individual bias to concentrate on the negative aspects of things.

Popular fiction often has underlying moral and political themes. The significant law of attraction student avoids getting sucked into what the media wants them to think. Try to balance your life by continually exposing yourself to positive teachings in the masters. At very least, be conscious of what you feed your brain. Passion and unconditional love to you.