When the US has new elected President, new changes are coming in particular American Health Care Act (AHCA), which President Trump replacing Obamacare to Trump care. For citizens this changes could be a huge impact either good or bad effect, let’s think perhaps ask ourselves are these politician who are they really serving for?. Every nation must provide a good policy in terms of Healthcare because it’s too expensive to be a patient. If you’re an obese person chances are you are prone to a long list of disease such us steoarthritis, heart disease and blood lipid abnormalities, stroke, type 2 diabetes. sleep apnea (when you iodically stop breathing during sleep),  reproductive problems. gallstones. certain cancers. The best and effective way to cure any desease is to avoid it, otherwise by means of “lihavuusleikkaus” (Finnish) Obesity surgery (English translation)

Politicians: You can fool the people some of the time, but you can not deceive, all the people, all of the time, might seem to be an adage worth remembering and abiding by, nevertheless, it often appears, many politicians believe that’s precisely what they could do! If a public servant, serve his constituents, the nation as a whole, the area he represents, or, his self – interest? Again, the reality is much different even though the answer might seem obvious! Look at, and evaluate,

How laws are completed and enacted, as well as the procedure, itself, and you’ll realize, most elected officials to select a party, and a desire to improve themselves and their self – interest, far above, their constituent’s needs, priorities, perceptions, and/ or concerns. Shouldn’t the public serve the needs of the constituents, act and need, their politicians live up to their obligations?They should, but why does not it happen? It’s your choice!

  • Political spin: When can the rhetoric finish, and activity start? Many politicians don’t think of what is best, or wanted, but how they may spin the circumstance! Consider you’ll realize and discussed, and issues like health care laws, taxes etc, are treated, the public lets itself, be deceived!

  • Regrettably, far too many officials, more than, and/or preserving their power, cherish holding their workplace providing services, and the leadership, their constituents deserve and need.

They wind up fearing retribution from a number of their Political Action Committee’s, or other politicians because they fear being defeated and losing power and funds, the next time they run for office Why politicians are held, in such regard, by much of the public, we’re frequently reminded, it appears! Our public servants should serve their constituents while it may seem, the truth is, hardly any of them make that transformation that is essential, from a politician!When granted, the official becomes compromised, and/or expect special concerns, and because donors demand and starts serving a less – constituents, and master, instead of the public, he must serve. There have been efforts restrict or to alter this, however, never successfully!