So it’s the era of vaping and many people are loving it. Many get them online, I bought my CBD vape pen from MaCBDoil. But while we thought vaping is the new trend, our past presidents don’t think so. Yes, it’s no typo. Our past presidents, even former President Barack Obama, loves nicotine. But not through vaping. They actually smoked cigarettes.

So we presumably thought that all presidents have halos above their heads, the no smoking or drinking type. Hey, Presidents are human too! The fact that they smoke a cigarette is so human! While many of us look up to them, a lit up cigarette between their fingers seems not to fit their profile. But they do, and while some of them flaunt it, some of them don’t. And when we see them out in the open with that smoking cigarette, it suddenly looked foreign. So who among the presidents do you know who smoke badass cigars and cigarettes?

Franklin Roosevelt

Roosevelt was certainly a devoted smoker and that black and white photo of him smiling and between his teeth is a cigarette holder with a smoking cigarette at the end. Reports said that he smoked two packs in a day, that’s a lot of a regular smoker to handle. But he did!

Richard Nixon

Nixon had a few unusual routines, which was exposed in a book written by Tim Weiner. Nixon consumed a lot of spirits. He drank a lot that by 1968, one of his close advisers desired to quit as a result of his drinking. The fact that former President Nixon smoked just before assuming office was not a surprise. Though in line with the San Diego Reader, he previously stops prior to having been elected he certainly not quit cigars. Nashville history argues that Nixon continued to be a champ when it comes to cigar smoking.

John F. Kennedy

JFK was an ex-smoker but simply switched to cigars when he sat as a President. But what everybody doesn’t know is that the first lady then, Jackie Kennedy was a habitual smoker. There were no photos to prove the fact because it was not permitted then. But do you know that Jackie allegedly smoked roughly three packs of cigarettes in a day? That was a lot for a woman to consume.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Johnson filled the Oval Office with cigarette smoke every single day, as reported by the San Diego Reader. Aside from his smoking habit, he had followed a poor eating habit and worked hours under stress. His lifestyle could be the number one contributory factor that he acquired the advanced coronary disease. He also hardly ever quit smoking right after his term in 1969. He experienced his first attack in July 1955 and endured to experience it again in April 1972 and died in January 1973.

Barack Obama

It had been reported that Obama quit the habit of cigarette smoking before he took the position in the White House. But many people saw him in many accounts holding a cigarette and sometimes a pack in his hand. Another source said that he struggles to quit smoking and sometimes resorted to chewing Nicorette.