All Politicians Lie. Some even lie more than others.  

Critics aren’t just critics. They are most probably mindful of every word, action and ad campaign a politician does. So when they say, they are lying— well maybe these candidates are. Or not?

There are just two possible things behind a good platform, it is either a lie or a truth. So let’s take in into the mind of political critic— are these platforms and ad campaigns are after for the sympathy or empathy? Do politicians have visions and plans?  Or are these ads are just a way of getting the people’s vote?

Truth be told… are these all just white lies?

Today, this blog post will help you find out one truth or two behind a politician’s ad campaign.

Sympathy or Empathy?

Politics is just a simple form of marketing— you are using yourself, politician, as your product. You give people reasons why they should buy you, and the give out promises as if they are empathizing when it is just plain sympathy at all.

Haven’t you realized ad campaigns are more of promises?— well, maybe it is. A politician’s mouth are full of promises, it makes you wanted to believe them. If you do believe them, that means they had a good sales talk to you. If you are not still convinced, then maybe you are looking at the bigger picture in a more closer view.

Sympathy is far different from empathy— most likely, good politicians might give empathy, but their ad campaigns? They are nothing but pure sympathy.

Visions or Broken Promises?

Politicians are nothing compared to businessmen, but they are dealing business more likely in politics.

They have visions, they dreamed for the city, the nation, the country, and its people. These visions are good, great even. However, not every vision works for everything, some of them might fail, and some of them might do work well.

Statistically speaking, there are only 35% of 100% politicians who have actually done 80% effort to make things come alive to its people. These politicians are the ones who have pure intentions, not just for the soul and for the ego and for the name and power.

Some even say doing a lie detector test might do a lot of help filter the ones who are good at lying and bad at lying— or the ones who have spoken so much truth about it.

But what can I say? Maybe it is still too good to be true.