I never had political ambitions. I would just rather find something entertaining online or maybe even search for an instagram password hack… So why is it that I find myself poring over articles and news channels to learn the latest on what is happening with our government? Am I taking blood pressure medication that is additional ? Why am I suddenly frightened where we are going as a nation and of our future? We’re currently heading to town that is crazy . Our world is different than I remember it being.

The truth is that we are divided we are having trouble agreeing on anything no matter the problem, in any way.

I resent the fact that Americans’ opinions are being blatantly disregarded. Being so rather is common but should be unacceptable to us.

Before this, I paid attention however, I will be honest, I did not get involved beyond voting. Well it means that, rather than reading a book or watching my favorite TV show, I am busy learning about politics and checking out the information for the update that is horrifying. I am feeling bad for the men and women that are losing benefits, being arrested, being hurt and frightened by bias and bias. I am afraid for myself. I am afraid for integrity and the future . It means that I am unable to surrender control of all these things that we put into place. It is not enough. That means that become conscious of the issues we should get off the sofa, select one, and decide what we’re going to do about it. Our nation can run on auto-pilot. See what is happening and we will need to open our eyes. Write a letter if you disagree with something, make a telephone call, or send an email. Join a demonstration, a group, or a cause. You can do as much or as little as you are able to, but become aware and educated and make an informed decision on the issues.

Since we live in the united states because we are entitled to our opinions, ALL people, I can understand if you don’t have the same opinions that I have.

That is why I, regardless of the fact that I did not wish to participate in politics, am learning as far as you can and doing what I could to encourage the causes important to me and people who I care about.

I think it’s significant and precisely the ideal time to become involved.