Imagine the elections within the United States before tv, radio, and the Web. Before mass communications and all of the fantastic technology like email, telegraph, and local newspapers, politicians would need to travel to send out messages.

There was a grassroots effort and it is often performed at a regional level. It is not placed on the campaign headquarters of choice. The work is composed of volunteers attempting to assist their party to win.

Today, once the presidential primaries are occurring for both parties, another new technology has come directly into play for all those working for the office – the Web! The web is an excellent technology that can easily replace radio and television. So if an aspiring political candidate has no website,  their chances of success in the political arena could be zero.

Internet technology makes life so much easier for almost everything and everybody. Today, you can easily get the information you need even if you are just a gamer seeking for or a businessman looking for data specifics for their target audience. This is true for politicians too. Politicians can expand their reach with the use of social platforms on the internet.

People near and far can now watch discussions, contribute their ideas, and even endorse their own candidates. They can even help candidates expand their reach just by sharing posts.  Indeed, internet technology provides great times for voters and politicians.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube gave politicians a chance to be more social. The internet has indeed changed the way campaigning is done.