Politics can easily distract people’s mindset. This is regardless if that person is an employee, a CEO of forklifts for sale in Melbourne, a shareholder or whatnot. It is so tribal and emotional at the same time. Anything that interfering with logical and factual analysis could disrupt even those who have the best and critical decision-making skills. Without a doubt, changes to investment strategy that’s based on emotions seldom work out.

Mixing Politics with Business?
On the other hand, what happens when politics start to affect decisions made by corporate executives? As a matter of fact, there are both opportunities and dangers when the hot-button topics began to be mixed into corporate world.

If you don’t believe it, then just read some examples below wherein politics have interfered or influenced corporate decisions.

First National Bank of Omaha
The biggest closely held bank of the country and therefore, it should not be assumed of not being subject to shareholder pressure outside its circle had to drop its national Rifle Association affiliate credit card to take action of customer feedback.

Papa John’s International Inc.
As for Papa John’s, they have to end their relationship with National Football League primarily because some of its athletes kneeled during national anthem.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.
They have actually ended the sales of assault-style rifles as well as high-capacity ammunition magazines; additionally it requires gun buyers to be 21 years of age, regardless of the local laws. Walmart Inc., one of the largest gun sellers have also made a statement that it will no longer be selling assault-style rifles and will cease on selling guns to anyone who is under 21 years old.

Chick-fil-A Inc.
The CEO of the company made a comment in the past regarding the support of the company towards traditional family. Subsequently, it was reported that they have made hefty donations to anti-LGBTQ groups.

Outdoor Retailer Recreational Equipment Inc.
They are otherwise known by people as REI and mentioned of plans for stopping the sales of five brands which include the firearms maker Vista Outdoors Inc. amidst all complaints from their customers. Avis, hertz and Enterprise Rent-a-Car meanwhile ended their co-branding partnership with NRA.