Last Sunday, Queen Elizabeth’s speech raised feelings of hope among Britons, but soon spiraled downward when news of PM Johnson’s hospitalisation broke out.

The 93-year old Queen who has survived many of England’s past critical events, assuaged the people’s fears by saying “We’ve got this!,” and assuring them that “Better days are ahead.” Coming from someone who remained steady fast and steady amidst numerous trials and tribulations, many posted their appreciation for the Queen who usually gives speeches only as part of her official functions.

However, feelings of hope started spiraling down when smartphones buzzed with news notification that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been hospitalised. According to the press release, the hospitalisation is just a “precautionary measure” given as advice by his doctor.

Briton’s are once again experiencing feelings of anxiety since many are relying on Boris Johnson’s strong-willed leadership in helping the public find a way to overcome the health crisis. Yet Johnson’s critics are quick to point out that the parliamentary leader brought it upon himself when he broke Covid-19 protocols early last March 2020.

PM Johnson Contracted the Disease by Shaking Hands w/ Covid-19 Patients
When the novel coronavirus was just starting to spread in England, the 55-year old prime minister had boasted about shaking hands with coronavirus patients. He insisted that he will continue to do so, perhaps banking on an earlier myth that the disease affects those aged 65 and older. On the contrary, PM Johnson only proved that the threats of the novel coronavirus are real and capable of attacking anyone regardless of age. .

After taking a test, he was declared Covid-19 positive last March 23, and has since been quarantined in his Downing Street home. Now that the symptoms have taken a turn for the worse, the UK leader is in danger of being indisposed and unable to carry out his duties as leader of the country and its territories.

Underscoring the Importance of Following WHO’s Recommended Protocols for Covid-19 Disease Prevention
Initially, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) had warned about the possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease outside of China, the organization advised against making physical contact with anyone, even by as simple as shaking hands. As the disease does not manifest itself during a 5 to 11-day incubation period, people who were still asymptomatic of Cavoid-19 were able to travel and enter countries, made physical contact with others, which permitted person-person transmissions of the virus in communities.

Now that the outbreak has turned into a global pandemic, drastic measures are in place to prevent cases of the contagion from overwhelming health care systems. Governments are mandating people not to leave their home, have ordered nonessential businesses to close, banned mass gatherings of more than ten people and to observe social distancing at supermarkets and pharmacies by keeping a distance of at least two (2) meters or six (6) feet apart.

Although the drastic measures seem to increase fears and anxiety felt by many, the Queen of England reminded us that the pain of separation from family and friends is only temporary; but necessary as a means of battling the spread of the global pandemic.

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