Ubisoft’s final free update to Season 4 (2019) of the Rainbow Six Siege video game is the addition of Kalil and Wamai, mercenaries of Newhaven, a fictional India-based private military outfit. It was explained early on that it is a form of counter-terrorism strategy that the Rainbow Six is adopting. To make sure that Newhaven will work on the R6 side before the the White Masks terrorist group recruits them first. .

Makes sense doesn’t it? This development somehow made it clear why Trump’s action of freezing the U.S. Congress-approved military aid to Ukraine is seen as a threat to the country’s national security. Apparently, the aid is a counter-terrorist strategy that is part of an unorthodox approach in warding off attempts of insurgents; including potential aggressive actions that could be launched by global competitors like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Understanding the Impact of Trump’s Suspension of the Ukraine Military Aid

In the case of Ukraine, the global competitor in question is Russia, as this country has been making attempts to achieve world domination anew. The Russian government has launched aggressive military actions in annexing smaller neighboring countries by force. Crimea was the first to fold and currently, Ukraine is fiercely battling against Russia’s military might in order to keep its independence intact.

As a small country that is poorly equipped in terms of military forces and equipment, it sought assistance from allied countries. The U.S. as a major country has heeded Ukraine’s call for help by granting military aid and other forms of assistance.

Trump Tries to Hit Two Birds with One Stone
Now here is the problem. Trump, who despite being the U.S. President is still a businessman at heart. In the early part of his presidency and even up to now, he has shown indications of aligning with the Russian government. Intelligence reports have it that the reason why he is doing so is because he is trying to find favor for the “Trump Tower Moscow Project” being pushed by his family-owned business Trump Organization.

Apparently, the U.S. president is playing a dangerous political game designed to hit two birds with one stone. Weaken Ukraine’s firepower by freezing the U.S. military aid even temporarily, as a favor to the Russian government. At the same time, push the Ukraine government to produce evidence against Joe Biden, even if unsubstantiated, in order to boost his chances of getting re-elected come the 2020 presidential elections.

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