The electoral contest leads to discussions due to the polarization of positions. The consequence can be the generation of a toxic environment in the company.

Political conversations in IT Support Office

Political conversations are often charged with tension, which increases during election season. Although this type of talk is generally restricted to the private sphere when it reaches the workplace it can have consequences on the company’s activities.

At work, you spend many hours a day living with your colleagues. It is perfectly normal that these and other issues suddenly arise in which there are disagreements. The important thing is to know how to deal with them without them attacking you or without hurting your relationship with other people.

Arguments with colleagues in London based IT support company can cause bonds of trust to break and even create a toxic work environment. This can also affect production chains.

Although it is not possible to repress the freedom of expression of workers, there are several measures that can be implemented to promote a positive work environment.

Prevention is the best way to avoid this type of conflict. For this reason, the human resources area must establish a code of ethics, clauses in the contract, or guidelines that make it clear to all workers that there must be a cordial environment within the company.

But the job is not just human resources. Each worker must be aware of how this type of conflict can influence his work and take a step back when they start these types of discussions.

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How to avoid political arguments

  • Listen without interrupting the position of the other.
  • Describe and talk about your position without criticizing different points of view.
  • Do not impose a change of opinion.
  • Do not insult or attack the person or political candidate that is being discussed.
  • If you see that the other person can lose control over their emotions, it is better to change the subject, distance yourself or ask for time for things to cool down.
  • Prevent more collaborators from participating in the disagreement to prevent the problem from becoming bigger.
  • Take care of the image you are projecting to your colleagues and collaborators.
  • If you are in a meeting where the topic arises, listen, observe and if you participate, do so with respect for the different opinions.

If even with these recommendations, a fight occurs, the best way to re-establish ties is to offer an apology, which will also encourage the other party to admit their mistake. It is best to wait until the next day, as things will be calmer and both parties will be more open to listening.