For quite some time now, office politics receives a negative stigma among workforce. You’ll often hear of this term and it has taint and somehow, rightfully most of the times. If until this time, you are not engaged to any office politics, then it is the perfect time to start and there are a lot of good reasons why.

Among the notable ones is the fact that being politically savvy is extremely important for your career to get that much needed attention. Being able to forge good and strong relationship among everyone else in your work environment is a surefire way of being promoted. At the same time, this is a key to become a known and respected leader. Whether you believe it or not, office politics is everywhere whether in SEO agencies like home decoration write for us, food kiosks and whatnot.

Whether you believe it or not, politics is how a business is performed. Being able to know how you can navigate through this and have the ability to influence others to have your ideas heard and accepted is how you are going to climb the corporate ladder.

To be effective, you need to be great in whatever you do and also, be transparent with everyone. Use your talents and gifts to the fullest but while you are doing so, you have to pay close attention as well to your environment and listen attentively.

Time to Make Your move

You may not have any clues on how you can perform office politics but the following can give you a head start.

Look how Things are done in Your Office
Observe how decisions are made. If you have to ask people you trust on what is happening behind the scenes, do so and make sure to find out why.

Change is Constant
It is important that you pay attention to the changes. Know who is in and out, who is aligned with whom and everything in between. You have to consider as well how shuffles might affect you as well as your division or department.

Take Credits for Your Work
You need to know how to get credits from your work. This all starts by ensuring that your boss and also your boss’ boss know about your achievements as well as the value that you can bring for the company.