World leaders are representative of their nation and are held in the highest regard.

Whether they’re traveling to solve a national crisis, negotiating with other leaders to start a new trade deal, they need to be punctual and on-time. So they need a trustworthy timepiece to be on their wrist at all times. What that watch may be is up to them, and is also a representation of their personality and what they represent.

We kind of get it, either your favorite politician is wearing a classic timepiece Rolex, a Skagen (Skagen watch review – CLICK here), or a more fashion-forward Panerai to a trendy Apple Watch, or a sports watch; the watches are worn by these lawmakers are sending strong signals. Today, let’s find out!

Politicians and Their Watches
Just in case you didn’t know it, but your choice of their wristwatch can basically reflect them as a person. If you are more into classic, vintage watches, or to a more trendy piece. But if you’re eyeing for a certain politician, their watches can also send a message to its fans and voters.

Today we listed a few favorite politicians and their watches.

1 George W. Bush
George Bush wears an understated and classic gold Timex with an American flag prominently displayed on the dial. The American flag logo sends the message that this man is 100-percent American Made and proud of it. In fact, it is no wonder that this is customed made for him too. Most influential people can do that, with George Bush, we can’t deny how much lux this has on him. Plus, he is wearing the whole America in his wrist.

2 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Ladies are all about diamonds, but not Alexandria. The newly sworn-in congresswoman dons an Apple Watch with a fashion band on her wrist. This definitely represents the Tech-savvy and youthful generation she represents. Of course, Apple Watch can blend in well with her gold deets, rings, necklaces and earrings.

3 Barack Obama
Let us not forget the influential, most-loved Barack O. We are seeing his Rolex Cellini which showcases simple and clean lines. America’s 44th president really has a great style and choice in his wristwatch without appearing to be too trying hard. Plus he wears this in almost all of his photoshoots and media appearance. That shows loyalty over there, but more of a signature watch. Of course, we all have something that is always close to our hearts, a favorite, just like Barack O to most of the Americans.