Talking about politics and religion may cause arguments among family members. During these times its common to see families whose members have different religion and political views. When members of the family debate about politics this may cause rifts among the members. Arguing about politics and religion can destroy family bonds and relationships. If topics about politics and religion arises in family conversation, consider the following to avoid the family from having bad feelings against each other. During family discussions its’s also nice to talk about your signs. Know your sign by visiting this site: project spiritual

1. Allow family members time and space to discuss what they think and feel.

2. Ask them politely to open and discuss more about their beliefs and thoughts

3. Let them know and show them that you consider and care for their feelings and let them know that your intentions are good.

4. Always be polite.

5. Be considerate. Never be tactless and blunt.

6. Listen, don’t interrupt when someone is speaking. Show that you are interested on what a family member is sharing and discussing. If your mind is thinking what you would be saying then you are not really listening.

7. Do not question their beliefs and principles. Just be open and listen.

8. Have a civil discussion about these topics.

9. Always stay calm and composed when discussing these issues. Keep your voice low.

10. Insert humor in your conversation. You wouldn’t realize this may be a lifesaver. This will be a hilarity into the conversation but do not include insulting or snarky humor. You can relate political issues as a humor to make the atmosphere and discussion more relaxed and informal.

11. If the discussion heats up, it’s time for you to exit or change the topic.

12. Never discuss these issues when drinking alcohol. Alcohol fueled discussions can create a heated argument.

13. Observe your body language. Never invade the space of the person you’re conversing with. Don’t tap people hard, the person you’re discussing with may interpret this differently. Remember your body language is also a form of communication.