There is a wide range of bathroom fixtures available in the market today. Some bought a new one due to repair, bathroom renovation, or moving to a new house. After all, you may find out that the shower faucet you purchased is accompanied by a warranty. And that’s extremely great news, isn’t it?

Some bathroom fixture manufacturers already offer warranties as part of buying one. This way, payment for repair may not come your way.

Warranty Policy for Shower Faucet and Other Bathroom Fixtures
Here are some of the coverage of the warranty policy for buying a new shower faucet or bathroom fixtures.

1. Warranty Period
Most fixture manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty but for new players in the industry, they only give lifetime warranty for shower faucets made from metal. This is a way to protect consumers on their rights of buying. However, this warranty is applicable for residential area and not for commercial use.

2. Issue Coverage
The warranty will cover all the products that are:

Free from leak and drip when use under normal conditions
The parts and the finished product will be defect free in terms of material and production

When it comes to warranty coverage, the included issues are too broad as it deals with every possible concern to be encountered with shower faucet warranty.

3. Exclusions and Voiding
Although this warranty covers everything, there are still other exceptions here as it may result to voiding of such:


The first thing that may void off your shower faucet warranty is the owner’s negligence in using it. Moreover, other ways like improper installation and cleaning the faucet with abrasive cleaners are also factors for voiding the warranty.


Another thing that is excluded from this warranty is the labor. In case the shower faucet creates leak after the installation of a professional plumber, you will have to shoulder the payment for the plumber and replacement installation.

Electronics and other Customizable Accessories

Actually, this does not mean that parts like these are totally excluded from the warranty. It is just that these parts do have their own warranty policy and coverage.

4. Repair and Replacement Products

A brand new replacement or repair parts will be provided in case the shower head or faucet produce any issues covered by the warranty.