Think about what you could stand to lose if your laptop were stolen. You may lose emails, your audio collection, your photographs and movies. You may lose your financial records. You might have passwords to online banking or other websites, and even accounts numbers. If it’s your job computer, you might have to explain to your boss how you lost not only the pc, but also the work.

Laptops make targets for thieves: they are portable, they’re valuable, they’re in high-demand, and they are so tempting. If your computer were stolen but no info was lost by you, just the hassle of replacing the pc and costs should force you to think carefully about how you protect it.

Preventing notebook theft in your home

Don’t leave it sitting out in a clear place when you’re away from home however, your notebook stays behind. Where thieves will look for something else, like jewelry, next, don’t conceal it anywhere. Don’t hide it in or near your dresser. If you have a sleeve case for laptops then it’s easy to conceal. Just slip your laptop sleeve in your closet, rather than displaying the laptop barely on your desk.

Do you have under-bed storage? Do you have a bookcase at which you could slip the laptop on to a shelf and then hide it? Do you have a pile of sweaters on a shelf in a closet you could slip the laptop into bottom or the middle of?
Instead of hiding it is to get a laptop security lock and cable. But if you’re at home, you’ll need to make there into. You don’t wish to connect it to something when a burglar attempts to tear it apart to get at the laptop like a desk that won’t hold up.

Another alternative is a safe. Some of them are going to look and behave like resort room safes. They can be bolted down to a desk, wall joist, a floor or other furniture.

Preventing notebook theft from home

Another take on the lock and cable thought: once you’re away from your home, if you are eager to carry it with you, it might help you. You may safely attach or table and it together at a coffee shop, or other place at which you may be attempting to get some work done.

Know your environment

Think about the public and semi-public places your laptop is used by you. Could someone take off and pick up the laptop, walk by your desk? A burglar could be out the door before anyone knew what was going on, and let alone respond. Can you chase him down? Would you? What do you think the chances will be that he would still get safely out the door if you shouted after him?

So once you’re working in a public space, try to sit away from exits, aisles, and even windows that are open in which a thief grab the computer could reach in and remove.

Don’t advertise that you have a notebook with you, when you’re out and about. Set in a backpack instead of an obvious laptop bag. Hold it firmly when walking down the sidewalk or through parking lots if you do have a bag or sleeve. Don’t let someone run and manage to grab it off your shoulder.

Personalize your notebook
Consider personalizing your notebook in some manner that is obvious. You will find safety stickers or tags and even decorative decals which are made to be hard to remove connected. You might also etch your name in some way into it. Not merely is once it’s been accepted, a personalized laptop easier to identify, but personalization may deter its theft in the first place, if it is clear to be viewed.

Don’t abandon it in a car

It should go without saying that there is a vehicle not a place to leave a notebook, but people do it. A notebook is sitting from outside the car is a prize that is tempting. Discreetly put it in the trunk or completely hidden out of sight, if you are planning to leave it while you’re out and about

Protect your valuable laptop
Consider just how secure when you are not at home, your notebook is valuable. Consider how easy it may be for an intruder to find your notebook after breaking in your house. Make it more difficult for him to locate or more difficult for him to take it if he does find it.