To have the best quality slowpitch softball bats, it is imperative to research and read slowpitch softball bat reviews. In doing so, you will be certain of the purchase that you make is of best quality and most especially ensure that the bats are ASA approved. This also true to baseball bats.

A bat could be an extremely personal item to any softball or baseball player. For instance, some players prefer a heavier bat whereas others are more comfortable with a lighter one. Some focus on the length of the bat while other players give more attention to the width of the handle of the bat. Whatever may your preference be, make certain to check out reviews such as the slowpitch softball bat reviews to ensure quality and that it meets the standards and regulations of the game.

Softball Bat Standards And Specifications

WEIGHT AND LENGTH. As per the rules of the Amateur Softball Association of America, in slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball, a bat shouldn’t go beyond 34 inches and shouldn’t be heavier than 38 ounces.

BAT BARREL. The barrel of a softball bat should have a diameter within 0.05 inches. The whole diameter at the largest point of the bat, which is in the barrel, should not go beyond 2.25 inches. If the barrel’s end isn’t closed or not made of wood, the barrel should have an end cap or an insert made out of plastic or rubber.

HANDLE. Compared to the barrel, the handle of a slow-pitch softball bat may be shaped like an oblong. It should have a safety grip of 10 inches at least and shouldn’t exceed 15in. from the bat’s knob in its farthest point. The grip might be an add-on that is permanent made by the bat manufacturer, or where the player applies one to two layers of tape in spiral. Other players apply pine tar or make use of resin onto the safety grip only.

KNOB. Every bat should have a safety knob that is oblong or circular in shape at the tip of the handle that is within 3/8 inch of the safety grip of the handle. The diameter of the knob at its widest should at minimum be 1/2 inch bigger than the overall diameter of the handle, whereas the diameter of flat surface of the knob which sits adjacent to the handle should be no less than 1/8 inch greater than the diameter of the handle, which includes the safety grip.

COMPONENT. Bats should be made out of a single piece of wood or metal. Most softball bats are out of metal.

CERTIFICATION. Bats used in official games must be certified by the ASA. Bats that are certified carry the mark ASA certification mark.