YouTube will quit accepting advertisements for its masthead advertisement unit from particular verticals, such as alcohol revenue, gambling, prescription medications, and political and election advertisements.

Why it matters
YouTube’s masthead, an extremely visible rectangle throughout the surface of the homepage, is frequently the system’s priciest and sought-after ad unit.

Starting Monday, advertisements that contain any gambling-related content offline or online, such as sports gambling and casino games, are going to be prohibited.

The ban will also apply to advertisements that encourage the selling of alcohol, in addition to branding advertisements for alcoholic drinks which don’t explicitly mention earnings.
Advertising which is endorsing a candidate for office is going to be prohibited. Ads that are political in character, like difficult advertisements, will be evaluated on a case-by-case foundation.

Be smart
Masthead takeovers are attractive opportunities for advertisers seeking to earn a splash before a significant advertising event, however, they’re more often scrutinized than ordinary banner advertisements as they’re so visible.

This past year, YouTube stated it would stop full-day masthead bookings and substitute them with more targeted advertisements that are purchased on a per-impression foundation, making it more difficult for any 1 advertiser to possess YouTube’s homepage.
Other leading publishers also have received criticism for hosting political advertisements on their site, for example, Washington Post.
What they are saying
“We consider this upgrade will assemble on modifications we made last season into the masthead reservation procedure and can result in a much better experience for consumers,” a Google spokesperson said.

The large picture
Google was changing its advertising policies for many years as it is sought to lessen confusion, manipulation, and misinformation, particularly surrounding sensitive occasions. With this in the works, politicians would have to use a more organic approach in reaching viewers on YouTube like getting subscribers offered by services such as Fans Plug.