Students, instructors, and staff may be concerned about the future during uncertain political times. There are, fortunately, measures that may help you remain healthy through times of stress and uncertainty, aside from working out like Jeff Lerner.

Limit your news and social media consumption

Limit your use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites if you are troubled by what you see in the news. This involves reading and watching the news. There are applications and websites that may assist you by restricting access to social media or certain websites for a period of time.

If entirely disengaging is too difficult, put some boundaries for yourself: set a timer that enables you to interact but also reminds you to stop.

Maintain a Regular Schedule and Participate in Healthy Sports

Strike a balance between being current with happenings and going about your everyday routine. Taking pauses while studying, connecting more often with family and friends, taking on less responsibilities, engaging in spiritual or religious activities, or going for a walk are all simple acts of self-care that may help you cope with stress. Find what makes you feel safe and secure.

Relaxation should be practiced

Self-soothing techniques include walking, meditation, deep breathing, audio listening, and anything else you find beneficial.

Recognize and Accept Your Boundaries

Understand that you may not be as productive as normal, and that you may want more time or assistance to finish chores. It’s all right! Simply prepare ahead of time and seek assistance if required.

Seek community and engage in healthy communication

Sharing one’s thoughts and experiences with others might help to promote strong communal ideals and shared personalities. Make sure you’re all on the same page. Even if you don’t know what to say, just being with them at tough times may be therapeutic.

Feelings Should Be Acknowledged

The way people react to circumstances differs from person to person. Some people have strong emotions, while others have none at all. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and don’t pass judgment on your own or other people’s experiences.

Get Involved

It is essential to find strategies to have a voice when we feel helpless. You might participate in activism, join groups, attend events, communicate to people about your values, or strive to preserve the rights of others.