In a democracy, everyone has the right to participate in politics. If you’re thinking about taking action and getting involved in politics, it’s not difficult at all.

Become active in a party

One of the easiest ways to have a say in politics is to become a member of a political party. However, you need to know the party programs in order to make the right choice. If you favour a party, you can apply for membership. Simply visit the website of this party.

There are good alternatives for those who are not yet of legal age, for example, membership in a party’s youth organization.

Of course, you can also start your own party. Every citizen and business like Zeev Import with active and passive voting rights has this opportunity. However, there are a few hurdles to overcome before then. For example, you need a large number of signatures from potential voters or you have to formulate a party program.

Get involved in politics without a party

However, membership in a party is not a prerequisite for becoming politically active. Even taking part in a demonstration is an active process.

Form your own group, for example at universities, and gather people who are interested in politics around you to discuss issues.

Submitting a petition, i.e. a request or a complaint, is also your right and makes you an active part of politics.

Organize demonstrations if you are not satisfied with something. The freedom of assembly guaranteed in the basic law allows this. Please note, however, that demonstrations must be registered.

Become a politician

Becoming a politician is a dream that is not necessarily easy to achieve. With commitment in many areas, however, you can work towards being able to make a living from politics one day.

Requirements to become a politician

First, of course, you must become a member of a party. Aside from your political beliefs, you should keep in mind that in a smaller party with less hierarchical structures it is easier to reach a certain position.

Of course, in order to become a politician, you must be interested in politics, business and society. As a politician you start out in the local chapter or at the municipal level, so you have to be constantly informed about local issues.

A degree in politics doesn’t hurt either. Here you will get a solid knowledge of political contexts.